On the Town (Day 2 of 100)

This is my friend Chris. He was in the production.
This is my friend Chris. He was in the production. He is still wearing his stage makeup. 

I drove to Connecticut today to see my friend in a production of On the Town. It was a great production. Chris did a great job in the production. It was very well done. The music made me happy. The plot was entertaining and very relate-able.

This high-quality production of On The Town made me happy today. As did hanging out with Chris. :)

The Fruits of Our Labor (Day 1 of 100)

This is my second home. Isn't it beautiful?
This is my second home. Isn’t it beautiful?

Tonight, we had our first Taekwondo classes in a week. We had some major water issues, and had to close and clean the dojang. It was so much work. It was worth every little bit of work- after a week, the Dojang looks amazing. Classes were great as well. I had so much fun with my dojang family tonight. It was totally worth all of the work for the awesome classes we had tonight.

This reminded me that happiness takes work. There are fruits at the end of all the work. There’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Pretty Fire and New Beginnings (Day One Hundred of One Hundred)


Today, I went to a friend’s baby’s first birthday party. We had it at a campground with a campfire. We made s’mores and then threw a packet to make the flames pretty.

This was fun because I was able to enjoy it with my friends and their kids.

I also met someone new and amazing there as well through some mutual friends. I have been having a very stressful week, and he was able to help me forget about the stress and relax. He is wonderful. This new beginning couldn’t have come at a better time.

It is sort of fitting that this be the story of my last Happy post of my 100 Day Challenge. Friends, fire, and new beginnings. Here’s to many more happy days to come! :)

Adoration (Again) (Day Ninety Nine of One Hundred)

wpid-20140523_204457.jpgToday was a long day (to say the least). I went to Adoration. I was able to spend time with Jesus. The day got infinitely better from then. I was able to let Jesus shoulder my burden. I was able to leave my cross at the foot of Jesus. I had a lot of tension. I cried my eyes out at the foot of Jesus. I wept like Mary at the foot of the cross. I felt infinitely better afterwards.

Ironically, my crying at the foot of Jesus made me happy. Weird, yes. Refreshing, yes.



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