Embracing My Inner Child (Day Five of One Hundred)

Although it's dark, the puddle is there. And it's shaped like a heart. <3
Although it’s dark, the puddle is there. And it’s shaped like a heart. ❤

After a long day of 10 hours of work and 2 hours of instructing taekwondo, I was finally getting ready to head home. As per usual, a classmate/colleague/close friend (all rolled into one amazingly awesome person) and I were talking outside while we were waiting for our cars to warm up (although we didn’t have to wait this time because it was a balmy 40 degrees out! Heck, we didn’t even start our cars. Just talked.) Usually, our conversations flow from one random thing to another. We talk about anything from work, to current foreign affairs, to video games, to philosophy, to taekwondo, and anything else in between. And we practice the moves we learn in taekwondo- no we’re not sketchy.

Tonight, during our random parking lot chit-chat, this puddle captured my attention. I told my compadre that I hadn’t taken my picture for my Happy Days challenge yet. I was having a rough day at work, so I almost forgot to be happy. He (sarcastically) suggested I take a picture of the puddle on the ground. As I was feeling tired, it may have been my tired attention span that made the puddle seem so amusing.  I stared at it, my eyes lighting up like a child. I wanted to jump into it. It was heart-shaped. I wanted to splash around in it singing Heartbreaker. I felt like a five year-old. I didn’t jump in it because of the shoes I was wearing. (Girl problems, I know.) But every fiber of my being wanted to splash around in it. My parking lot partner in crime laughed at me, and then he went and jumped in the puddle, almost as if to torment me (because he was wearing shoes that wouldn’t get sad getting wet.)

I realized, while standing in the parking lot and using all of my self-control not to jump in the puddle, that I was trying to embrace my inner child. Embracing my inner child brings me a simple happiness. There’s nothing like the simple joys of childhood. Life was less complicated when we were kids. So was finding happiness. This puddle reminded me to embrace my inner child- which in turn reminds me to find happiness in even the most simple of things.



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